Making a Jig and Cam Blanks

Making a Jig and Cam Blanks

One of the more challenging aspects of this build is fabricating the cams that I will need. The design calls for a set of cams to lift the mallets and to trigger actions at the correct time.

Since I'm using manual machines, I can't just throw it in a CNC mill and have it make the part for me. I will need to make the parts on a Bridgeport with a rotary table.

The key aspect of the cams is that I will need to move the parts so that the center of rotation of the rotary table is at different places in the work piece. This will allow me to cut different arcs with different curvatures and different radii.

The Jig

Here is a picture of the jig I'm going to use. The final jig will have 1/8" dowl pins that will locate each position. There are two clearance holes in the part that will used to place it in each location.

The Cam Blanks

Here are some of the cam blanks that I'm making. Each blank has a 1/4" center hole that is drilled and reamed as well as two clearance holes for locating it on the jig.